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Felicity Huffman went to Putney?!

I hadn't visited the Putney website in awhile, but they now have an article about celebrities who attended Putney in highschool. Bizarre- I never figured such a tiny obscure school would claim such impressive alumni.

This means nothing to most of you, of course. For the underprivilaged among you who don't know, Putney is the most beautiful place under the sun. I'm not sure if I can remember mentioning it or not, so I won't risk repeating myself.


A change of subject....
I don't usually post any of my poetry here (because I typically feel it is below average), but I really like this one. I've been thinking a lot about ice skating lately for some odd reason, lusting to get back out there on the ice; It's been awhile.

Ice Skating

I am free to fly
glammed up in sparkled dress
trembling from head to foot
and not just from temperature....

These blades are cunning
they allow me to cut you and ride you effortlessly
making love to your cold, hard surface in my passion
I have you harnessed, within my power
for I have learned to outsmart you
you slick, conniving fool
mocking nature in aqueous formation

I slip at times, it's true
but your taunting, far from shaming me
throws me back into motion
I know what I have worked so hard to conquer
your contempt just fuels my fire
that melts the ice every time
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