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A week until Adulthood.... wow

I suppose I ought to journal today to mark an occaison with a bit of philosophical musing. 7 lucky days until my my 18th birthday. Adulthood is so subjective, with no clear line marking any sort of transition. I could have been an adult a long time ago, but I never thought it was what I wanted.

Been thinking a lot.... there is so much I don't understand. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I always thought abstraction was somwhat beautiful, but am I directly avoiding information for reasons unknown to me, mainly fear? Am I intelligent? Am I an idiot? There are large disadvantages that I hadn't thought about until recently of not knowing.

Today is a think/observe/question/improve/make peace day. Maybe I will change my outloook on things and instead set out to understand. A start on what I hope will be a new life. Am I the only person whose outlooks seem to change all the time?

I got an uncharacteristic amount accomplished today (still not much for me, but hey, it's still a start), so I'm allowing myself a little deserved nothing time.

My mouth still tastes of salami. Delicious.
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