Pseudonym.... creative juices not flowing today (homeissomewhere) wrote,
Pseudonym.... creative juices not flowing today

I stole this from Leah :P

Do a Google search and post the first pic that comes up

1) Your age on your next birthday:

Don't ask me; I'll be 18

2) Your favorite color:

lovely lavendar :)

3) Your middle name:

She kinda looks like me. I've always thought I would have liked it if my name were Michelle instead.

4) The last meal you ate:

We're rednecks, I know. But they were delicious.

5) Your bad habit:

Heh. May as well be honest.

6) Your favorite fruit or vegetable:

I always wanted to live up north so I could grow apple trees

7) Your favorite animal:

And they just had to come up with the ugly one, of course. It was a article about imbreeding white tigers.

8) The town you live in:

And here we have the pristine, white Fort Myers Beach.

9) Name of your pet:

This isn't really fair- I have 4 pets. But our Mattie is the oldest and has earned her place here.

11) Your first name:


12) your last name:

Heh heh
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