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Blah, not-so-great-first-date

My first internet date, if you could even call it a date. I met this 22 year old I was really looking forward to meeting, but it was a major let down. He showed not a bit of interest in me (despite being the initiator), offered to pay for nothing, didn't say thank you when I did him favors (although it seems that tradition usually dictates that guys do some favors, not only did he not do any, but he wasn't thankful when I did), and never asked any questions about me. But the worst part is that there was a mix-up and instead of waiting for me outside of the movie theatre, he WENT IN WITHOUT ME!!! While I was out looking everywhere for him, he's sitting in the theatre Most of the date involved sharing humor (not my strength). I hope there will be no second date.

I would say more, if there was anything else to say. I hate being so boring.

I'm leaving in two weeks. I've never been so happy and sad at the same time.
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