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Yaaaaaaaaa 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here I am at the crossroads. I can buy cigarettes, go to clubs, waitress, have my own credit card, sign up for dating sites. The world just got a little sweeter.

I had my pictures taken professionally two days ago. They told me I was such a good model that they wanted me to be represented in their brochure! They also told me I should take up acting (which I have done for years) because I could change poses and facial expressions so fast and convincingly. I have been pretty depressed lately, so this was an ego boost I really needed. Even if it was something as hollow as modeling, I needed to start somewhere.

My mother signed the both of us up for a spa package at a tiny business called Skin Care. I got a pedicure today from the sweetest, most soft spoken woman. We will also be getting a manicure, facial and massage (by a middle aged man, oy!) We had a very kind waitress at the seafood restaurant as well. It was a good thing for me because I hardly ever get to be around nice people, and I needed it. I've had a lot of qualms with people lately.

We bought marble cake and petit fours at Publix, and are going to eat them soon. I am still so full from that fettucini with shrimp and scallops I ate today; quite heavy. I have a love affair with seafood.

I understand how lucky I am to have a family that cares about me so much, and I am so grateful everyday for all the things I have. I have learned how unfortunate so many people can be, and have learned to take nothing for granted.
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Happy birthday. Doesn't it rock?

I got a pedicure with my mom today too!
happy birthday dude(tte)!

i was actually going to get pictures taken when i turned 18 i think.. i never did, awesome you did. and way to be a hot model haha

enjoy the rest of your birthday week and all that!